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Dec. 16th, 2008

well schools out and i still having started writing again. haha
i have to work to midnight the rest of the week except for thursday which is my day off so maybe then!

Things aren't going so well lately and I'm starting to realize that I am a total loser. LOL I need more friends as I only have two good ones and one that is pretty shitty, but I've never been too good at making friends. Two out of three of those I have been friends with for over 5 years as part of the same little group that went to shit and we are whats left of it. With 3 more who now hate us and one of us dead. But such is life, and it's time to get out of that same circle. The only question is how.

The Case of the Missing Zippo (PG)

Title: The Case of the Missing Zippo
Author: pyroisjohnny
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Pairing/Characters: Iceman/Pyro, Siryn
Rating/Category: PG
Prompt: Matches
Summary: Johnny has lost his lighter again, and he thinks that little douche Siryn has stole it!
Notes/Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Don’t Own

2 days!

and I will finally be out of school. I am so burnout right now.

Anyways, once my hellish weekend is over I am going to start working on writing. It's really starting to interest me lately. I've been watching Supernatural and the need for slash is taking over. I wrote a fic yesterday and was one sentence away from being done when my computer decided to overheat. <_>

I sooo need to find out how to watch Merlin, I can totally tell It will be my new crack.

And I have like 17 orders coming in from Amazon. lmao. I have a problem.

Well its 8:45 at night and I have a Lit exam at 7 tomorrow morning along with a paper due in that class.

Have I started on the paper? Well of course not.

Have I read anything that the exam is over? No again.

I am so fucked.

Caffeine pill time!

In other news, I believe the combination of my livejournal addiction and my new amazon addiction are taking over and ruining my life.

Oh well. Fuck it.

That's how I feel about everything lately.


Dec. 5th, 2008

someone got hit by a car in the parking lot at work today! everyone was freaking the fuck out.
and you know, it was like ten minutes before close and my first thought was i hope we don't have to stay late.

does that make me a horrible person? 

i am so glad i will be done with school next week. work and college is a lot to handle. and college is so stressful. i have no free time and i have so much stuff to get done before the semester is over. but I'm sitting on livejournal reading slash. go figure.


Title: Rachel Leigh Cook
Author: pyroisjohnny
Fandom: The Covenant
Pairing/Characters: Reid/Tyler
Rating/Category: PG Pre-slash
Prompt: Dance
Summary: Tyler isn’t going to be wingman tonight dammit!
Notes/Warnings: Dirty words
Disclaimer: I don’t own Reid or Tyler. Or Rachel Leigh Cook.


plot bunnies!

I have these two plot bunnies in my head that won't go away and it's getting annoying. I'm going to have to start writing soon. I probably won't post my first stories except on my journal because I'm sure they will be awful. haha

Anyways. One is a Reid/Tyler story that's mostly just a PWP.

The Other is this X-Men MASSIVE au that i would never be able to write but all this shit about it keeps popping into my head.

I had to do this presentation in my Sociology class today and it went much better than I expected since I'm horrible at public speaking. So I'm in a great mood.

I want all my Amazon stuff to get here! That shit takes too long.


I'm afraid I'm going to become addicted to online shopping. My first time was two days ago and I bought 8 things at once.
INCLUDING the first season of supernatural. I figure I'd jump on the slash bandwagon. :D

Also bought:

The first book of A Song of Ice and Fire
The Brotherhood
Ghost Ship
The Celluloid Closet
Angels in America
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

All except two of those were for slash reasons. :DD

pairings i like

I'm 18 now and I have been lurking through my fair share of fanfiction since i was about 14. So I've had a lot of OTP's through the years.

My first one, and the one that still is dearest to me is definitely Pyro/Iceman from the X-Men movies. Of course X-Men 2 is like my favorite movie ever and got me obsessed with the comics. I think I have read like everything anyone has written about those two.

Some of my other favorites are Nick/Greg from CSI,  Spike/Xander for BtVS, Harry/Draco, and Seth/Ryan from the OC. My new one that I'm really liking is Tyler/Reid from the Covenant which sadly doesn't have much fic. I've gotten burnt out on most of the other ones I use to like, that or they died. Although Seth/Ryan and Pyro/Iceman are pretty much dead too. haha

And you know that Forsaken movie? I do not understand why people do not slash the hell out of them. They are perfect. The only person I've seen slash them is that wonderful Nick/Greg woman who wrote the manifesto on Nick and Greg on ship_manifesto.

Anyways I need to start writing some and lurking more.
I need some new fandoms!
My only requirements are hot boys.


1s entry

Well i'm out of school today because of snow. fuck yea.
So I thought I would finally start using my livejournal instead of just lurking on the communities.

I want to start writing soon.
I've never really wrote anything before and I need some practice and help before I can get it right.
I've read lots of things people posted on here and I'm like fuck. I'm never going to be able to write like that.