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Title: Late Night Conversations with Dead Boy
Author: pyroisjohnny
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing/Characters: Andrew/Warren (kinda)
Rating/Category: PG for language
Word Count: 661
Summary: Andrew is thinking about what’s to come when he gets a little visit from the First.
Notes/Warnings: None really. I haven’t written anything in forever so I hope it’s at least a little good! :/
Disclaimer: Don't Own!

Andrew is trying to sleep on the floor in the living room in Buffy’s house but it’s just not working out to well. That Chinese girl is snoring beside him and he thinks Xander and Anya are having sex on the couch above him.

Andrew really doesn’t understand how it came down to this. Back in high school, yeah, he was a loser but he wasn’t evil, he never had people call him a murderer and hate him as much as he saw the hate in some of the Scooby Gang’s eyes when they looked at him, especially Willow’s. He made up the story about the flying monkeys in the school play to look cooler to Warren and Jonathan, but mostly just to impress Warren. He was harmless and ready to have a little fun. And then he fell in love with Warren and everything else just really stopped mattering except for what Warren needed him to. He stuck with Warren when he wanted to betray Jonathan and when the First wanted him to kill Jonathon after he had been so good to him even after what happened with the betraying him and the flaying thing, he did that too.

Anya just left the living room thanking Xander for the sex which totally just scandalized little Vi over there and maybe him a little too. Well, while she’s walking around it’s time to go get some mountain dew and make sure that bitch Faith didn’t eat his last hot pocket again, that way no one can yell at just him for waking them up. Potentials can be kind of scary sometimes

See, as he already told Buffy, Andrew knew that it wasn’t really Warren. It’s not really that simple though. Warren means, meant, so much to Andrew that if there was even the smallest of a doubt that it could be Warren he would do what he said. But now, after being captured he has finally realized that Warren didn’t love him at all. Hell, he probably didn’t even really like Andrew. Buffy and the others don’t think he’s trustworthy or really worth redeeming, but that was okay for now. Because they might not take him seriously but Andrew wants nothing more in the world than to redeem himself. He is going to give his life to trying to save the world in 2 days and then he will finally have redeemed himself and that’s okay with him.

He opened the freezer first to check on his hot pocket. Empty. Damn her.

“He did love you, you know.” Andrew jumped and turned around to see Warren less than an inch from his face. No, not Warren, the First. “Go Away.”

 “Andrew, Andrew. When did you get so rude? I’ll prove it to you. See, what you don’t get is, yeah I’m the First, but I’m also your Warren. And I know how he really felt about you and he did love you. And you know what he would have wanted you to do, he would have wanted you to help me. He hated Buffy and Willow killed him! You‘re betraying him. But I could bring him back to you, you know. All you have to do is kill a couple of the potentials for me.”

Andrew stared at him. Hard. He doesn’t really believe the First. Warren didn’t love him. Warren never would have loved him, he realized that now. He was just using him. Just like the First was.

“Your lying. And it’s not going to work on me anymore. I’m one of the good guys now and I’m going to help them kill you.”

The First just laughed. “Andrew, Andrew. I cannot die, you know that. But I’m going to make sure my boys kill you. Make sure you know that.” And then he was gone. Andrew felt…oddly satisfied. In 2 days he would die and he will be seeing Warren soon enough. He didn’t need the First’s help.

Finally posted something! It's been forever. Hope somebody actually reads it! It's a pretty rare paring I believe.


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