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Just One of Those Things (NC-17)

Title: Just One of Those Things
Author: pyroisjohnny
Fandom: The Covenant
Pairing/Characters: Reid/Tyler
Rating/Category: NC-17, I guess.
Word Count: About 1800.
Prompt: Love.
Summary: Reid and Tyler’s movie night turns into something a little more than they bargained for.
Notes/Warnings: I don’t know how this even happened, it was suppose to be a Tyler character study but the boys had other plans. This is my first time writing a porn scene so I’m terribly sorry if the whole things sucks.
Disclaimer: Don't Own!

It’s Thursday night, which is the night that Tyler usually comes over to his house to chill and watch a movie or play video games all night until they have to get up and go to school in the morning. Yeah, 17 is a little old for sleepovers, especially for boys, but Reid and Tyler have been having them since they were 6, not that they would ever, ever call them that.

Tyler shows up with the movie like usual, as it’s really become Reid’s way of showing Tyler that he is always been and always will be number one. Again, not that they would ever say that. Seventeen year old boys aren’t the best at showing their emotions.

“What’d you bring?” Reid is almost scared to ask, they have a lot of differences and movie taste is definitely one of them. Last week he brought over the remake of the Omen. Worst. Movie. Ever. Even Tyler had to admit that one was pretty bad. They ended up sitting around playing Mario Party all night instead. What? It’s oddly addicting.

“Umm.. Just put it in.” Tyler’s cheeks are turning a little pink and now Reid is absolutely terrified.

“Tyler! What is it?” Reid is walking towards Tyler just as he starts to take a step back.

“Ha…P..er” Tyler mumbles it without even opening his mouth.

“What?” Reid is now completely dreading this.

“Harry Potter.” Tyler practically screams it, ready for it to be over.

“Harry fucking Potter! Tyler Fucking Simms! What the hell is wrong with you! You know how I feel about those stupid fucking movies with that nerdy ass kid in the glasses and the stupid peroxide headed-”

“Reid! I‘m just curious about the realistic aspects of their use of magic in the movie.” Reid must be completely off the wall if Tyler is pissed enough to try and confuse him. As usual, that calms him down a bit.

“Give me the damn movie.” Reid goes and puts it in the Playstation and goes and plops on the bed with only a little bit of whining to his credit. Tyler has got a smirk on his face that if you weren’t Reid, you would swear he didn’t have.

Tyler lays back on the bed as Reid takes the inside like usual. Yeah, they sleep in the same bed and watch movies like that. It’s not like their spooning. Pogue and Caleb used to sleep head to foot and make fun of Reid and Tyler for sleeping head to head. Reid never got what the hell difference it makes, your still sleeping with a guy. But that’s just  one of those things that Reid will never say out loud.

The movie starts and Reid is already zoning out by the time that fat kid gets attacked by the snake. At least it’s the first one. Reid was a little worried that Tyler had been secretly watching them.

Tyler has always been Reid’s favorite out of the group. A lot of people at school think he’s boring.
Granted, Tyler is not as crazy/fun as he is, he doesn’t have the hero complex that Caleb has, and he is definitely not as badass as Pogue is, but none of that has really ever mattered to Reid. Caleb and Pogue have always been close which left Reid and Tyler. Even when they were little, Tyler always tended to frown away from other people. Eventually, Reid was able to get Tyler to trust him and now that they are 17, Tyler has become pretty much dependent on Reid. Reid may act like it annoys him sometimes, but he likes that he always has Tyler. Caleb and Pogue might treat him like shit sometimes, but that’s because even they don’t get him quite like Tyler does. Reid likes to think that he knows Tyler better than anyone too, hell, he knows that he does. To him, Tyler is practically perfect, even with all his insecurities. Reid knows that somehow, that might be crossing some kind of line, but over the past 2 months, after Reid and Tyler had a movie night and ended up sitting up all night talking about anything and everything, and Tyler had shared some things Reid knows he would never tell anyone else, Reid has started seeing Tyler in a different light. I mean, anyone can tell that Tyler is handsome it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s not even about that. Reid has never been the type to like guys really, I mean, he can tell whether they are hot or not, but he doesn’t like fantasize about them or anything. That would be weird. But there is just something about Tyler that it just doesn’t even matter. Reid wouldn’t care if he was a 300 pound Algebra teacher because it’s still Tyler. And Reid hates Algebra. Love knows no bounds I guess. Reid thinks Tyler might feel the same way but that’s one thing that Reid just can’t seem to figure out about Tyler.

“Are you asleep?” Tyler looks over his shoulder at Reid and his hearts skips a little. Oh this is fucking ridiculous.

“No. Just bored.” Reid tries to act annoyed again but he’s not quite sure he pulled it off.

“Yeah, the magic is nowhere near as cool as what ours is like.” Tyler turns back around anyways and starts watching the movie again.

Reid can’t get Tyler out of his mind and he’s really tired of channeling one of those Laguna Beach bitches thinking about his feelings and shit. That show is absolutely retarded, awesome beach though. Caleb, Pogue, Tyler, and him went there one summer in high school. Reid and Tyler shared a room and Reid was out one night and he walked in on Tyler jerking off to some pay-per-view porn on the hotel tv. Reid teased him for months but he never told Pogue or Caleb about it. And Reid really needs to stop picturing that night because his twin bed is not a good place to be getting a boner with Tyler right next to him.

Reid tries to watch Harry Potter but it is not distracting him in the slightest. Stupid little shit isn’t good for anything. And Reid is so  much better at magic than any of those fuck heads will ever be. This shit is killing him.

After a couple more minutes, Reid finally decides to give in to the urges. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? Tyler would never abandon him. That’s one thing he’s sure of.

Reid places his hand on Tyler’s thigh, careful to keep his eyes on the movie. He waits for Tyler’s reaction but he doesn’t acknowledge his hand. He doesn’t push it away either which is all the incentive that Reid needs to keep going.

Reid starts moving his hand up and down Tyler’s thigh, still looking at the movie instead of him. Tyler is still doing the same. He shuffles around a little and settles back into place.

Reid didn’t realize how nervous he would be until he actually started. Reid Jr. is still ready to go though.  Reid moves his hand over to Tyler’s crotch only to discover another hand already there.

Tyler abandons any attempts at pretending he’s still watching the movie and turns to face Reid. Their eyes finally meet as Tyler reaches for Reid’s groin as Reid continues to massage Tyler’s. This isn’t enough for Reid and he unzips Tyler’s fly and pop’s the button on his jean. Tyler moans as Reid sticks his hand between his boxers and his jeans to get a little closer. Reid moves up to pull Tyler’s jeans and boxers down enough to reach his dick without any restraints. Tyler has Reid’s down before he’s done and he wonders if there’s some things about Tyler that even he doesn’t know.

Reid grabs Tyler’s cock and starts moving it slowly up and down over the head, a little nervous about how far Tyler wants to take this. When Tyler grips his dick and starts playing with the slit all thoughts go out the window. Reid increases his pace as Tyler moves down a little.

“I want to try something.” Reid wonders what he is talking about until he feels that beautiful mouth close over his dick. Holy shit. He heard it was good but he didn’t know how good. Tyler slowly starts bobbing up and down, licking the underside a little with every motion. When Tyler starts sucking on the head, Reid taps his head as he’s not quite ready for this to be over yet.

“Come up here.” Tyler obeys and Reid grabs the back of his hair and yanks him forward, smashing their mouths together. Reid grabs Tyler’s dick just as he slips his tongue into his mouth. The moan Tyler makes into his mouth is almost enough to send him over the edge itself.

Reid moves down until he’s level with Tyler’s cock. Finally taking a look at it for the first time. He realizes that once he puts his mouth on a dick there’s really no turning back, and as he looks up at Tyler he realizes that he’s perfectly ok with that. Reid takes the head of Tyler’s dick into his mouth and sucks on it like a lollipop, which gets another moan from Tyler who’s turning out to be quite the loud one surprisingly.

Reid can tell Tyler isn’t going to last long and a grab of his balls confirms it. Tyler pulls on the back of Reid’s head as a warning sign, his breath getting heavier by the second, but Reid keeps on sucking, swallowing Tyler’s seed as he continues to roll around his balls.

Tyler lays back panting while Reid places his hand on Tyler’s stomach. Tyler looks into Reid’s eyes, and then at his dick as Reid jerks himself off, staring at Tyler the whole time. Reid lets out a groan and spills his seed all over Tyler’s thigh. Collapsing onto Tyler’s chest.

Reid took a minute to enjoy the post-orgasm before fucking Harry Potter playing wizards chess caused reality to sit back in. Reid looks up at Tyler only to find him already staring at him. He can tell by the look in those beautiful eyes that he has started something that he has to finish, but he’s never wanted anything more in his life.

“I love you, Reid. I have for a long time now.” Reid just climbs up the bed and kisses Tyler softly on the forehead. Reid feels the same way and he thinks that Tyler knows that, but love it’s just another one of those things that Reid doesn’t say.