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Lovers in a Hotel Bed (PG)

Title: Lovers in a Hotel Bed
Author: pyroisjohnny
Fandom: The Forsaken
Pairing/Characters: Nick/Sean
Rating/Category: PG for language/pretty much fluff
Prompt: Future
Summary: Nick’s not really sure what he’s doing.
Notes/Warnings: About 500 words.
Disclaimer: Don't Own!

Nick and Sean spent New Year’s Eve the same way they spent it last year and the year before that. In a hotel room. Sean pretends like he’s not the nerdy guy that Nick met some 2 and a half years ago nowadays and that he’s more like Nick, determined and badass. But at heart, Sean is the same guy he’s always been. That’s why they are sitting on the twin bed in this shitty hotel room watching the countdown on fucking CBS. Sean has a little smile on his face showing he is enjoying it a little too much. All Nick can think about is how bad kids dance these days. The things Nick would due to appease Sean is something that he could never have comprehended 3 years ago. If you would have told Nick that he would be traveling the country with his boyfriend hunting a vampire he probably could have believed it. He was never the type to see gender as something that would make or break a relationship. Of course he rarely did relationships. But if you would have told him that after he was free from the hell it was knowing that you were running out of time, and that you would become the exact thing that you were hunting, that he would still be with this same geek a year afterwards tracking down vamps all across the country he would have laughed his ass off. But Sean has become his geek and he loves him, although he has too much pride to ever tell him that.

Sean moves his hand, letting it rest on Nick wrist as the 10 second countdown finally begins. Nick is going to show up in New York and start shooting dumbasses with his crossbow if he has to see one more person dance to that stupid Justin Timberlake song. None of them are even close to bringing sexy back.

“7! 6! 5!”

Sean looks like Santa just popped his fat ass right in front of his face and offered him a new car. Nick will never quite understand him, but that uniqueness is exactly what attracted him to him in the first place. Opposites really do attract.

“4! 3! 2!”

Sean moves his hand again to rest in Nick’s own, and leans in just as the countdown comes to an end. Nick slips in a little tongue, as this is a little too cheesy not to get at least a little action out of it.

“Happy New Year, baby”

Nick grabs Sean by the waist and together they fall back on the bed as Nick leans in and kisses Sean again. Sean is laughing into the kiss, and Nick doesn’t really know what he is still doing here or how long it will last, but for once he decides to stop thinking and just go with it.