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I finished watching the first season of Merlin today.

Slashiest. Show. Ever.

If they were not trying to be slashy then I have a chia pet growing out of my ass.
Seriously. The 4th episode? the 10TH Episode!? That one had me shocked. Hell, his mom, Will, Gwen, and Morgana might have well of set a candlelit dinner for them the way they kept talking about their relationship.

Not to be a downer, but a lot of people seem to have really high hopes for this show and think it will not break their hearts as they are "destined to be together". No, it won't go the Smallville route of them being mortal enemies, but a certain someone named Gwen is destined to ruin the slashiness. Or at least put a damper on it. Speaking of, is it just me or is she kind of being portrayed as a slut? lmao. She clearly likes Merlin, destined to be with Arthur and Lancelot, and there is definitely something there between her and Morgana. That's EVERYBODY that's her age on the damn show. haha

In other news, I am off for 2 days and I am determined to write many fics. At least one from all my fandoms. and some porn. :D