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Today was my last day working till midnight!


Work is killing me. I need a break, which will come in January when I go to DC with my friend and somewhere with my padre.

On my way home from work today, I was thinking about how I have been working for 2 months at my job and I still haven't told anyone that I'm gay, granted no one has asked nor has anyone brought a situation up where I have had to lie, but just some little things. I just laugh. I feel like a pussy, but I seriously doubt they have any idea and I don't want to have an awkward work situation, but it's like even though I am friends with alot of them, it's not like we hang out outside of work or anything so why is it there business?

In slashy news, I REALLY need to find time to write, but I don't have much time to myself anymore and when I do have time to myself I usually spend it watching things I got off amazon. LOL. I'm watching Gossip Girl now, which I didn't think I would like because it seemed kind of girly, but it reminds me of the first two seasons of the OC and it's nice.

Writing soon. Promise. I have this idea that involves Tyler/Reid, Mary Sue, a wild animal, and a robin hood type theme. lmao.